Facebook post from Muslim female highlights impacts of alleged bigotry & racism

Yesterday evening a young Muslim female, Yusra Ahmed, posted a long Facebook post highlighting what had been a disturbing set of experiences. The event took place on the 14th of June and involved a National Express staff member.

Yusra and her friends were travelling from Manchester to Leeds on the 10:30 pm coach and the subsequent post highlights a series of comments and actions that left the four visibly Muslim women shocked and feeling that they had been the victims of a possible race and faith hate incident. The feelings and sense of disgust are palpable in this post which is highlighted below.

The final statement from Yusra sums up her sense of anger and frustration at the experiences that she had suffered. She states, “I’ve heard quite a few stories about National Express and their poor treatment of minorities and women. Something needs to change.”


The posting spawned a chain of tweets and a hashtag #NationalExpracism leading to the following tweets: