Mehdi Biswas – @shamiwitness charged in India

The man alleged to be behind one of the most prolific accounts that glorified the actions of ISIS, Mehdi Biswas, has been charged in India today.

Mehdi Biswas was initially identified by Channel 4 news and it was suggested by the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation (ICSR), that over two-thirds of foreign Jihadis on Twitter followed the @Shamiwitness account.

The account provided inspiration to followers and suggested that individuals should join the fight in Syria. The City Crime Branch of Bengaluru City Police in India stated on Twitter that the charge sheet against Mehdi Biswas contained over 37,000 pages of a police investigation report and 122,000 copies of tweets.

Mehdi Biswas is charged with supporting a terrorist organisation and in waging war against the State.