Neo-Nazis distribute menacing homophobic flyers in Southampton

A photograph alledging members of the neo-Nazi group System Resistance Network distributing homophobic flyers in Southampton. Credit: Twitter.

Neo-Nazis  distributed menacing homophobic flyers in Southampton in the days leading up to the city’s annual Pride event on August 30, a Faith Matters investigation has revealed.

The System Resistance Network (SRN) has emerged from the now defunct Vanguard Britannia group, who had made headlines after distributing leaflets targeting Muslim and Jewish communities in Scotland last month.

At 9:34 am on August 27, 2017, the SRN Twitter account published a photograph of a flyer with a man performing a Nazi salute, while holding a noose in the other hand. The leaflet cites statistics from the Family Research Council, a designated hate group in the United States, falsely claims that the children of LGBT parents are more likely to experience child abuse.

A photo of this homophobic flyer allegedly distributed in Southampton last month.
A photo of this homophobic flyer allegedly distributed in Southampton last month.

The Twitter account then linked to a vile blog written by members of SRN, which claimed that homosexuality is either a form of mental illness, a medical deformity, or a form of social degeneracy.

A second tweet, posted at 4:24 pm on August 27, depicts the homophobic SRN flyers placed over a poster promoting community cohesion and inclusion. The blurry photos, however, give no sense of location, but does promise its audience a video of the potential criminal activity.

The tweets used the general hashtags ‘#SotonPride,’ ‘#Southampton,’ and ‘#SouthamptonPride’.

As with other National Socialist movements, liked the proscribed terror group National Action, the System Resistance Network encourages the use of the encrypted email service Tutanota, and takes an anti-capitalist stance that is overtly antisemitic. Positions consistent with their previous iteration.

Other menacing homophobic flyers appear on their website recycles the noose imagery and juxtaposes it against a burning rainbow flag.

Similar homophobic acts from neo-Nazis have appeared on autonomous blog sites like NS131. A photo uploaded to the site on July 21 shows two neo-Nazis saluting as they trample on a rainbow flag.

Hampshire Police are investigating the incident.