Adam Simmonds’ Office Comes in For Criticism on the Distribution of Voluntary Sector Grants

The Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives, set up by the Northamptonshire Police and Crime Commissioner, has come in for criticism by some groups for grant distributions to Christian and non-faith groups. Since 2014 it has disbursed community safety grants to voluntary and community groups to ensure community safety, however criticism has been labelled at the administration of the fund and where Sikh, Hindu and Muslim groups have felt excluded from the process.

Local faith community leaders, including Krishna Thakrar of Wellingborough’s Hindu Temple spoke to the BBC and said that he felt “excluded,” since according to him, he has never heard of the Fund.

The Fund which was set up in January 2014 has given out £63,410 and with about £50,000 going to Christian groups.

The National Secular Society has also waded into the debate with Stephen Evans commenting that the Police and Crime Commissioner had a “real evangelical agenda.”