ISIS Downs Jordanian Jet & Sets Up the Following Hashtag to Kill the Pilot

Jordan has confirmed the downing of one of its jets that has been involved in the Arab coalition against ISIS. The jet was apparently shot down on Wednesday in Syria using an anti-aircraft missile, leading to ISIS sympathisers setting up the following hashtag, #suggest_way_tokill_jordanian_pilot_pig. Pictures of the Jordanian pilot have been circulating on ISIS social media accounts and the Jordanian Government has informed the pilot’s family of the downing of the aircraft.

Pictures of the Jordanian pilot wearing a white vest and being surrounded by ISIS soldiers in camouflage fatigues have been circulated on Facebook and Twitter and some believe that the propaganda value of these pictures may weaken the resolve of Arab nations involved in the Coalition and could also shift public opinion on the involvement of their respective governments. The Arab coalition consists of Bahrain, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

The hashtags are listed in the following tweets: