#UKIPChristmas Tweets Show How Some Tweeters Perceive Them

A steady stream of tweets with the hashtag #UKIPChristmas have been flowing out of accounts this afternoon mocking the anti-migrant and xenophobic position some perceive that UKIP take. Ex-MP Louise Mensch followed the charge with a humour filled set of tweets stating, “No Brussels sprouts or Turkey, but absolutely LOADS of crackers. #UKIPChristmas.”


Others suggested, “they are only dreaming of a White Christmas,” and Louise topped off the discussion with reference to the recent outburst by South East MEP Janice Atkinson where she described Fa Munday, a UKIP-supporting mobile food seller in Ramsgate, Kent, as a “ting tong from somewhere”.

Further comments on #UKIPChristmas can be found below: