UKIP Candidate for Lancashire, Jack Sen, Suspended

Another day, another UKIP candidate makes the roll call of being suspended or thrown out of the Party. The list simply goes on from Rozanne DuncanJackie GarnettGodfrey Bloom MEP, through to Janice Atkinson.  The latest action involves the suspension of Jack Sen, who is standing for the Party in the seat of West Lancashire.

Twitter and Facebook postings by Jack Sen have certainly raised eyebrows with the following tweet targeted at Luciana Berger MP, leading to a justified outcry regarding his suggestions of dual loyalty. Suggestions of dual loyalty have been regarded as being antisemitic in nature when targeted at an individual of Jewish heritage. (Conversely, the same could be true of accusations against Muslims, of having dual loyalties to Arab countries or to countries such as Pakistan and where their loyalty, as a collective, are called into question. Such statements would be deemed to be anti-Muslim in nature.)

This targeting of Luciana Berger MP comes on the back of thousands of on-line social media tweets that were sent to her by far right bigots and antisemites and which she had highlighted previously in the Daily Mail.

Bizarely, Sen also chose to give a phone interview to the far right web-site, ‘The European Knights Project,’ where he spoke about, “a war being waged against western values, western European people, western tradition and culture. There’s a war being waged against free speech as well as against decency, Christianity, traditional values as well as in your nation, against minority South Africans. And it’s a coordinated effort. I’m just one of many foot soldiers being attacked for my efforts.”

Commenting on his suspension, Sen stated that he had found out he had been suspended through the BBC. He subsequently sent out the following tweets, calling out to Nigel Farage on his suspension, by stating, “The world is watching @UKIP @Nigel_Farage, never throw a good candidate under a pc (politically correct) bus.”

Looks like it may be a bus that has already left the station.