Danish police arrest man for promoting mosque arsons on Facebook

Credit: Facebook

Danish police arrested a man for incitement in response to a recent Islamic Centre arson in Copenhagen.

Facebook breifly shutdown ‘No to mosques – sincerely’ (Nej til moskéer – oprigtigt) as police investigated a slew of hateful messages.

“I’m happy to donate a can of gasoline,” wrote one individual. Another posted “Good. Respect. Burn down that camel shit,” comments that brought about incitement charges. In a local radio interview, the individual expressed a desire to ‘shoot all the Muslims’ with an assault rifle.

Police charged the man under article 136, paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code.

The page recycles the myth of Islamisation in Denmark. It maintains that Islam is a political ideology, not religion. One post rallied their right of free speech until ‘the last mosque is torn down’ and the last Muslim ‘returned’.

Upon returning to Facebook, the admins posted “We welcome you back after a minor bump on the road towards a Fatherland free of mosques and Islam”.

Memes compare mosques to the human cost of tsunamis. One post promotes the far-right Danskernes Partie (The Danes’ Party), founded in 2011 by Daniel Carlsen. Carlsen used to be a member of the neo-Nazi Danish National Socialists (DNSB).

At the turn of the year, a poll found that 13 per cent of voters sought a party further to the right than the Danish People’s Party (DF or DPP) on immigration. In spite of that, the June elections propelled the party into second place (increasing their vote share from 12 to 21 per cent).

Carlsen’s party participated in this years People’s Meeting (Folkemødet), a broad political event, and invited various far-right parties. That list included Geert Wilders, Golden Dawn, New Force (Forza Nuova), l’Oeuvre française, and Democracia Nacional.

Stop the Islamisation of Denmark wanted to host a ‘Draw Muhammad’ contest at the event. But did it not materialise.  Accusations of censorship soon followed.

Many Danish MPs did not attend Folkemødet due to the presence of Wilders. Policing for the event increased tenfold.

Following the antisemitic terrorism in Copenhagen, Denmark’s Muslim communities feared a backlash. In June, vandals desecrated up to 50 Muslim graves, in the Copenhagen suburb of Brøndby. Following accusations of inaction, police soon labelled it “political-religious vandalism”.

A court committed the suspected arsonist to Bispebjerg Hospital’s psychiatric unit pending trial.

In contrast, a group of Danes intend to form a ‘peace ring’ around a mosque in Dorotheavej, Copenhagen in a show of unity.